Pricing Plan


Pick and Pack

Starting at $5

Per Shipment Parcel includes exterior packaging and handling fees

Storage charge

Starting at $30

Starting at $30/pallet for 1-30 days

Container Receiving Fee

Starting at $400

Per Container

Other Services

Service: Product count, handling, inspection of your goods for damage, photos, sample testing. Please contact us if you require extensive examination of every product.

For large loose carton receiving please contact us for pricing

Contact us for a quote.

Service: Inserts of flyers, postcards, or promotional items. Provided by you.

Contact us for a quote.

Service: Attaching FNSKU or Suffocation labels. Price of labels is included in the unit price. Custom labels can be applied, supplied by you.

Service: If you need to split your shipment to reduce the number of units in a box, reduce the weight of each box, or to replace damaged shipping box.

Service: Packing in customer supplied polybags or bubble mailers. Please contact us if your job will have several steps, for an individualized quote.

Contact us for a quote.

Contact us for a quote.

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