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TOTAL3PLUS offers end-to-end contract packing, promotional marketing and third party logistics.

Manage Everything from A-to-Z

We’ve been the trusted fulfillment partner to some of the best-loved household brands and public sector organizations. With a reputation for going above and beyond, Granby handles every aspect of your project from start to finish. Our dynamic digital marketing, contract packing, and 3PL services get your brand where it needs to go.

Dedicated & Experienced Team

We are actively invested in the success of your brand and business

Proven Profitable Initiaties

Focused on adding value to your projects

Best Support

Our staff are at the heart of the business and its success.

We are an industry leader in 3PL services

TOTAL3PLUS is a 3PL Warehouse company located in City of Industry, CA in the heart of Southern California. Our goal is to give businesses more time to focus on their core strategies by making their West Coast warehousing and distribution requirements easier and more cost-effective by utilizing our 3PL warehouse services.

Our Services

TOTAL3PLUS offers a wide range of 3PL logistic and digital marketing services to help get your businesses’ products to the market on time, all the time!

Third Party Logistics - 3PL

TOTAL3PLUS offers true innovation in 3PL for e-commerce fulfillment and POS logistics. Our system can act as a hub between your system and your delivery destination or marketplace. We create a barcode at source and, each time it’s scanned, we can track its visibility across the carrier or pallet network.

Contract Packing

TOTAL3PLUS delivers cost effective, very high quality contract packing solutions, designed to give your customers a positive experience of your brand you can be proud of.

Integrated Systems

This enables your system to speak to ours and vice versa, so when you want to send information directly - like a database or order - it will be picked up and transferred into our system for tracking and management.

Web Development

Scale your online business with a dynamic web design that will help you stand out against the competition. We offer scalable solutions for your business focused on conversions and revenue.

Digital Marketing

TOTAL3PLUS offers full-service digital marketing that is are designed to generate real results and growth using proven tactics and branding initiatives.

We have a lot of powerful services to help you scale and grow your business. Check for more of our available services in our product.

Total 3PLUS  helped me scale my growing Amazon business quickly and cost-effectively. They constantly look for solutions and ways to keep our business ahead of the game. We are very thankful to count them as one of our key strategic partners.

Let's partner!

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